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Maine was built on the strength of Individualism. We are a resilient, brave, compassionate and intelligent folk who value our independence. 


There are numerous political groups and forces that are intent on turning the state and country into a collectivist democracy at the expense of the individual liberties both our country and state were founded upon. 


We cannot allow these forces to prevail as it would bring about the swift and tumultuous demise of our Republic. 


The MGRC believes it is within the power, and passion of We the People, to correct the course of our state and put us back on the path laid out for us by our founding fathers. 

It has been proven throughout history that it takes but a few brave souls to stand tall,  raise their voices to ignite the masses, and reclaim what is rightfully theirs in the first place. 



The right to live and prosper without an overbearing, oppressive government. 

The founders of both our Republic and state gifted us with well written maps to guide our way, the US Constitution and the Constitution of the State of Maine , we need but to follow their wise words. 

Are you willing to stand tall and carry the light so that future Americans will also have a chance to live in the Land of the Free?

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