Mask Freedom - Maine Medical Mask Exemption


Jaime Dyer 12-2-2020 Protesting Mask Freedom to Legislators

Beacon For Sovereignty has been at the forefront of the fight for Medical Mask Exemptions since Governor Janet Mills removed the safeguards in December of 2020. Legislator Billy Bob Faulkingham, of the Town of Steuben reached out to BFS the same month, for assistance getting a resolution before Town committees.

BFS set out to do just that.

BFS has faxed, called and emailed town offices across the state for since, and have found opposition by State Attorneys, threatening towns that Medical exemptions to masks are against the law.

As such, many towns have voted down the proposed resolution to restore Medical exemptions. But many have adopted it.

Many towns have simply tabled the resolution until their citizens demand it be paced on the agenda.

Following is the results of our push for Medical Mask Exemption Rights as of 04-17-2021

Towns that HAVE voted, are listed below:

Canaan                        Yes
Carroll Plantation        Yes
Frankfort                     Yes
Lebanon                      Yes
Sidney                         Yes
South Paris                  Yes
Steuben                       Yes
Wales                           Yes
Piscataquis County      Yes
Acton                           No
Alfred                           No
Baileyville                     No
Bowdoin                       No
Chelsea                        No
Fairfield                        No
Falmouth                      No
Montville                      No
Morrill                          No
Nobleboro                    No
N Berwick                     No
Oakland                        No
Porter                           No
Prospect                       No
Sebago                         No
Turner                           No
Vinalhaven                    No
Whitefield                     No
Winter Harbor              No
Winthrop                      No