Forced inoculation coupled with medical identification brews on the horizon.

We are about to be coerced into a system where if we do not comply, we become second class citizens. 

With this new system of governance, we could lose our jobs, be denied access to goods and services, and be forced to parent children with no schooling options.

Once implemented, these systems of governance will not be rolled back.

We will find ourselves in a dystopian future, where the Government will have unrestricted access to inject whatever they wish into our bodies. These are dire times.

We must NOT let this happen.

Take a stand with us now!

We will help you, and you will help us. Together we will fight!

Direct action will be demanded: protests, boycotts, social media, and petitions.

Our voices will echo across this nation.

Let history remember those who kneeled and those who pledged to fight back!

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